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  • Chau Giang Restaurant
    With International Chinese Chefs and Team
  • Breathtaking
    Đến Đồ Sơn thăm Biệt thự Bảo Đại
  • Celebrate
    Your wedding, anniversaries, exhibitions, product presentations carried out with outmost professionalism in the refined atmosphere of our three spacious ...
  • Meeting
    Three large and fully-equipped Meeting Rooms will make your seminar and conference a round success.
  • Rejuvenate
    Revitalize yourself in our 1500 m2 Wellness & Fitness Spa Feelings ...
  • Chillout
    The classic approach: Exciting cocktails and tasty finger food at one of our comfortable hotel bars...
  • Refresh
    A 1.8 m centre-piece dolphin statue gives its name to our impressive private open-air swimming pool - with 20 m it is Haiphong's longest.
  • Elegance
    Our guest rooms and suites are designed to exceed the needs of the modern global traveler ...
  • Dine
    Asian and Western Specialties graciously served at our most elegant dining venue, Jade Restaurant ...


1. Privacy Protection

The Pearl River Hotel always aware that the operation and the development of the Hotel based on cooperation and loyalty of customers for us. To consolidate and develop this relationship, the Hotel with his great effort to protect the information that you have provided. Therefore, the storage and use of personal information you have provided to the Hotel will strictly adhere to the following principles:

All the information that you are required to provide is/are relevant information needed to the Hotel to understand your needs and ensuring his management, exploitation and the website usage is secure and convenience;

The storage and use of personal information of the customer will be carried out in a systematic manner, accurate and updated to maximize customer benefits of the exploitation and use of services and products of the Hotel;

The Hotel is committed to not disclose the personal information of the customer for any individual or other organization unless having customer’s consent or according to the law;

The Hotel maintains strict protection system for storage and protection of customer information from any unauthorized access;

Access to personal information of the customer and associates of the Hotel must comply with the regulations on the privacy policy of the Hotel.

2. Hotel website information

The products / services are introduced on the Hotel website are legal and for reference purposes only. Visitors should not consider this information as an offer or for sale unless otherwise stipulated by the Hotel with specific or individual agreement.

Although all the information on the website was made with the utmost care, but the Hotel does not guarantee about not infected with the virus or other harmful elements, or the accurate, suitable for a particular purpose of the information posted on this website and his linked websites. At the same time, the Hotel reserves the right to change, update and improve the information without prior notice

The information posted on this website is/are for reference only, not for the purpose of advice. Please contact us for further information.

3. Copy Right and Brand

The Hotel owns the trademarks, logos and labels of products / services published on this website. Not any individual or organization will be allowed to use trademarks, logos and labels of products or services without the written permission of the Hotel.

The information and materials on this website is protected by Intellectual Property Laws. Not any individual or organization will be allowed to modify, copy, recorded in electronic memory, transformation, simulation, disperses, used for commercial purposes or public, in part or whole the above information, documents without the written agreement of the Hotel.

4. Linked websites

The Hotel is not responsible for the contents or information, documents of any other linked website to the Hotel own website. Access to and use of content, information and documents of the other linked websites to the Hotel own website, you will have to bear at you all risks and comply with terms and conditions applied to access or use it.

5. Data transmission by internet

Due to the nature of the Internet, the transaction can be interrupted; loss of signal, slow down and data communication is not correct. The Hotel is not liable for malfunctions in communications facilities which are not under control by the Hotel may cause affect the accuracy or your time of the information submitted as well as the transactions.

6. Recommendation on Privacy Protection

In order to secure effectively all personal information, you should be cautious in the use and protection of your personal information by complying with the following principles:

Do not reveal your user name or password to anyone, do not write or use in places where people can get to know or see it. When choosing passwords you should not choose the easy identifying information such as your name, date of birth, phone number, or a number of characters, recognizable figure from the name, birth date, and your telephone number.

Log-out from the system and browser when leaving the computer, even for a short time.

Whenever you doubt there was a revealed password, you should change your password immediately, in case of necessity, you immediately notice and request assistance from the Hotel.

In the case of transactions, illegal acts were conducted with your account or your personal information without your authorization or by mistake, accidentally or intentionally, the Hotel understands that you will bear the entire loss or liability under the law when the transactions were made.

Thank you very much for your liability and cooperation with us.

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