Great travel experiences in Hai Phong

If you come to Hai Phong, you will surely fall in love with this port city. Hai Phong impresses visitors by its landscape, food and enthusiasm, and hospitality of the local people.

Nature not only offers Hai Phong advantages of a marine economy but also beautiful natural wonders. Hai Phong is not only the largest port city in the North Vietnam but also a major tourist and cultural center of the country.


Hai Phong is famous for Cat Ba Islands. Visiting this island, you will not only have a chance to bathe at beautiful beaches but also discover Cat Ba National Park and surrounding islands such as Monkey Island, Cat Ong Island, … Cat Ba is a group of small islands stretching to Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh).

Cat Ba is made up of nearly 400 large and small islands, forming a beautiful water painting. To the south-east of the island is Lan Ha Bay, and to the west is Cat Gia Bay with beautiful beaches.


If you choose diving for fun, Lan Ha Bay is the best choice. In the clear water, you can see colorful small fish in the bottom of the coral reefs.

Coming to Lan Ha Bay, part of Cat Ba Island, you can enjoy the diving services. The water here is clear enough to see the bottom with shells and eroded stones with strange shapes.

Considered the jewel of Hai Phong, Cat Ba is an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Cat Ba is a convergence of beaches, mangrove forest, primary forest, and historical sites.


Summer in Cat Ba is always full of sunshine, but the severity of the sun is eased by the beaches of white sand and green coconut trees. Cat Ba always brings a sense of peace to travellers.

Do Son is also a beautiful beach of Hai Phong. If Cat Ba is a majestic, unspoiled space, Do Son is a true resort space with comfortable tourist services along with stretches of beaches.


Cat Ba is not far away from Do Son. If you come to Hai Phong, you should visit Do Son to enjoy the resort services and seafood attractions, then take a boat from to Cat Ba to enjoy the scenery here.

Coming to Cat Ba, you will be sitting on boats gliding through the waves, watching the vast stretch of coastline. There are many tourist boats to Cat Ba.

Hai Phong is bestowed by nature with the richness of seafood as well as the economic value brought by the sea. Hai Phong beach attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is difficult to find land where sea tourism is easy and cheap, with poetic beauty like Hai Phong.


Hai Phong cuisine is an interesting “mystery” for devotees. “Haiphong is truly a place to eat and play” with many unique and delicious dishes like crab cakes, crab spring rolls, duck cakes, fish noodles, spicy bread, crab hotpot,…. To explore all specialties of Hai Phong, you will have to visit this city several times.





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